24 hour cooldown on requesting committer membership?

(Robert Collins) #1

I tried to request committer member ship and got some error about some ‘phrase’, which I tried to correct, and then got

instead. I can appreciate preventing spam, but that seems harsh. Also, please add to committers :P:.

(Łukasz Langa) #2

You are already added, see your Python logo flair on your avatar, and see your “CPython core developer” status next to your user name.

(Robert Collins) #3

Thank you. The error and UI though are still concerns :). The group still offers membership requests.

(Łukasz Langa) #4

The error is by design. You don’t want people to flood you with requests. One per day seems like a sensible thing. If it’s more urgent you can always poke people by different means (see: this thread! :smiley:). But it’s rarely that urgent.

However, the button is a bug definitely. I noticed this, too. We will report it.

(Robert Collins) #5

It may be by design, but its a real stonewall experience, and if I wasn’t invested in this community already, I would have just closed the tab and metaphorically walked away.

(system) #6

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