3.11.1 vs 3.11.0 diff?

It would be nice if Python Release Python 3.11.1 | Python.org showed a listing of differences between 3.11.1 and 3.11.

I’m not sure how regular folks would find the differences, since it just shows 3.11 vs 3.10.

Is info on minor version bumps for python on python.org somewhere?

The changelog (linked from the page you linked to, or Changelog — Python 3.11.1 documentation) may be what you’re looking for here, but be aware that it dives into the minutiae rather than being a high level “hey here’s the new features” document.

Shouldn’t we list some of those differences on the top level page though? I honestly didn’t think to click the changelog since the info above the changelog link was all 3.11 instead of 3.11.1

There are no new features in bug-fix releases – just fixed bugs (and occasionally new ones :frowning: )


Shouldn’t that be mentioned on that page though?

We’re assuming the folks know it’s bugfixes… and they know that the changelog include said bugfixes.

I mean I guess it’s semver… but technically it can have small new features then too

Right. It’s much easier to say “here are the cool new features” when talking about x.y.0, where there actually are new features. When trying to say what’s changed in x.y.1, it’s hard to strike a balance between “it’s just bugfixes, nothing to speak of” and “here’s the full list of tracker issues that went into this release”.

Though if ever there ARE obvious user-facing changes, where would they be described? The only example I can find is 2.7.3 which had a number of security fixes listed:

It’s not a common situation though.

At the end of the What’s New document, see Python 3.9 for an example.

Ah yeah, thanks. Couldn’t find any examples newer than 2.7.3.

I don’t think it’s quite as clear-cut as described. There sometimes are new features in bugfix releases. Several typing constructs were introduced in bugfix releases. In 3.11.1, enum.auto was extended to support generating values when placed inside a tuple.

I can’t speak for typing, but the auto change was a bugfix – which unfortunately created a new bug (now fixed in 3.11.2). The lesson learned there is sometimes you do want type and not isinstance.

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