A New Project Idea Discussion

Hey Everyone …Arjun Singh here hailing from Mumbai. Im in sophomore year doing CS Engineering. I have a project Idea for my semester but i dont know if it is possible to make it in python and if it is then how do i make it. Please can someone give some insights and roadmap for it.
An application which allows people to Work on the same project file simultaneously as their group members while running it on their local system environment.

Basic Idea of the Project is that each group member will have the same project file loaded on their local system in the same app for e.g.: In PyCharm they have a python project with two code files as ‘main.py’ and ‘main2.py’. Now one member changes the code on main.py and updates the main project file on the server. As this server project gets updated all the other group members get a notification that there is a update in the code and if they want to update the same on their local system. First, they can compare the code and then update it on their local system. Similarly, many people can work on the same project and simultaneously other members will be able to see the live changes and sharing of code will become easy. Also, there will be a Log file of all the changes made by project members on the server. They can roll back to the previous versions with the help of log.

Not to belittle your idea (it’s a good one!), but what you’re
describing is called “distributed revision control” and is already
solved by systems like Git. You might find it easier to scope your
solution to providing an IDE integration with one of those systems
rather than reinventing the wheel by creating one from scratch.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already plugins for
systems like PyCharm which connect to Git in the way you describe.
Perhaps look around a bit and see if there’s something close enough
to what you want, and help them improve it instead.

Thanks for the info man. Much appreciated. I knew about git but I didn’t knew about the plugins. Anyways I don’t care if this kind of system already exists or not. I just wanna make it for fun. My college doesn’t care if the project already exists. Most of the people are making same old management systems but i already did that in last semester so wanna try something new.