About cross compiling the Python interpreter on Windows to a modified FreeBSD system

For specific reasons, we have to cross compile the python interpreter on Windows to a modified FreeBSD system.
From the documentation, I find two possible ways:

  1. Modify the way described in PCbuild to build on target system.
  2. Modify the way to build on Linux(the one that utilize the configure.ac) to build on target system

Wonder in general which way might be the easier one?:thinking:
Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Run a freebsd VM and build on that?
Must be easier then the cross compile you need to attempt otherwise.

I haven’t thought about VM yet.
But the dev libraries of the modified FreeBSD(C compiler, etc) is only available and documented (don’t know if I can use them without further trouble in a FreeBSD virtual machine) on Windows system.
So VM approach may ease the pain of Cross Compile, but to use the VM itself might cause some other trouble :sneezing_face:.