Access the Flickr API?

Are there any currently maintained Python packages for the Flickr API? I installed the flickr-api package from PyPI, but am not sure it’s active. A simple attempt to iterate over my own private photos seems not to work as expected. I opened a GitHub issue about it. Here’s the example I ran:

import flickr_api

# these are the key and secret for my account, associated with
api_key = 'blah blah blah'
api_secret = 'blah blah blah'

flickr_api.set_keys(api_key=api_key, api_secret=api_secret)

# this correctly returns me, user "smontanaro"
user = flickr_api.Person.findByEmail("")

photos = user.getPhotos(privacy_filter=5)
for photo in photos:
    print(, photo.ispublic)

It seems to run without error, but the photos returned are public, despite the privacy_filter=5 parameter. I spot checked a couple photos manually. They do appear to be public, not private as I’d expected.

This package seems straightforward to use, but I wonder if there are other Python packages people use to access Flickr, particularly their own photos.



It would appear I’m not actually authenticating, so only public photos are available. (Seems like in that case I should either get an exception or the returned list of photos should be empty, but I digress.) The authentication example in the flickr_api wiki doesn’t work (some issue with an underlying call into the oauth2 module). Examining the requests-OAuthlib docs it seems not all OAuth2 processes are the same.