Action needed: Participate in Mentored Sprint at PyCon US

One of the accepted PyCon US Hatchery program this year is the "mentored sprint for diverse beginners" program, where the goal is to pair up open source maintainers with diverse group of new contributors.

More details:

I’m helping to organize this sprint. Since many Python core developers are attending PyCon, I think it would be great for CPython to participate and have core devs available as mentors. Experienced contributors are of course welcome to mentor as well, but it would be great for core devs to be around, help with decision making or merge PRs.

My personal wish is to have at least 4 core devs mentoring at this sprint. (more would be better!)

The mentored sprint is separate from the regular sprint. This sprint will take place during main conference days, Saturday, May 4th, from 2:35pm to 6:30pm. (4 hours only). I really value you all’s time, so if you could mentor for one 2-hours shift, that would be really great and appreciated! I hope with this advance notice, you’ll be able to plan your time at PyCon accordingly.

Please let me know if you’re able to participate and mentor for the sprint (by participating in the poll below, or feel free to DM me).
I will get everyone’s email address.

Thank you!!

  • I’ll be there, and I can mentor for 4 hours
  • I’ll be there, and I can mentor for 2 hours
  • Nope

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I’ll try to be there.


I will be there as well :slight_smile:


I checked the schedule to see the list of talks Saturday and see when is my talk. Then I recalled that I didn’t get an email from Pycon US to say if my talk is accepted or not. Oops, stupid me, I was confused. There is no talks schedule yet.

When do you need an answer? Any idea when talks acceptance will be announced?

I would prefer to be sure to be able to attend the sprint 4 hours before saying anything.

(I’m interested to help.)

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Hmm I don’t know when talk acceptance will be announced.
I’ll need to know before March 14.
Thanks to all who replied so far!

I’ve edited my original post with a Poll! Please check again :point_up:

Talk acceptances should be going out very, very soon.

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Thanks! :smiley: Saw the email for PyCon, and I’ve requested my talk to be scheduled outside of the mentored sprint timeblock :pray:t2:

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Rejections too! I went 0/2. On the bright side, now I can relax at Pycon.


So now you have no excuse and can mentor at the sprint? :smile: @barry

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Indeed! I’ve been mentoring Nina Z, and I’ve really quite enjoyed it. Hopefully she’s found it valuable.


I’ll be there as well, assuming that my other PyCon duties don’t pull me away.


@willingc @emily @yselivanov @encukou @barry @pablogsal @vstinner @gpshead :
Thanks for your willingness to mentor at the mentored sprint! Looking forward to it. Please refer to the following information.

For others who want to mentor as well, we still have room for more. Please let me know so we can have accurate head count. (the room is capped to 100 people or so).

Thank you for signing up to mentor for the CPython project at the mentored sprint for diverse beginners at PyCon US. We’re pleased to welcome you to the sprint.

The mentored sprint will take place on Saturday, May 4th 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM. Room 25C

We have created the following online documentation:

If you have additional resources that can be helpful to other mentors, we welcome your suggestion and pull request.

Some useful information:

  • The mentored sprint is organized as part of PyCon US. You will need to be registered for PyCon in order to attend the mentored sprint. If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible, because PyCon is a sell out year after year.
  • We’re excited that numerous projects and mentors have signed up for the sprint! Each project will have the opportunity to pitch for their own project to the group. Please be prepared with a 3 minute pitch . Feel free to bring a slide (or two) with more details about you and the projects you are mentoring for if you feel like it. Please send us the link to your Google Slides one day in advance.
  • We understand that setting up local environment can be time consuming, and the steps can vary from one project to another. To help the event more successful, we recommend that you include detailed setup instruction in your project’s contributing guideline by April 25th . This will give the attendees enough time to get set up before PyCon.
  • We also recommend that you prepare at least 5 beginner-friendly issues to be worked on during the sprint.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Identify issues that require low-effort involvement (i.e. it will take no more than a couple of hours to complete).
  • Get creative: select both coding and non-coding issues to work on the day (i.e. design a logo, add sections to the docs, help create a schematic) this will make your project more accessible and inclusive for the sprinters.
  • Label the issues accordingly on your issue tracker (i.e. beginner-friendly, good-first issue, whatever style you follow).

By attending the mentored sprint at PyCon, you are also accepting to uphold PyCon and the PSF’s code of conduct. Please take a moment to read it through at

Thank you again for your time to mentor! We are grateful for your work in open source and Python. See you soon in Cleveland! Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have additional questions or would like an extra bit of help preparing your project for the sprint.

Tania, Nina, Nikoleta & Mariatta

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I may unfortunately have to bow out. I’ve now got two conflicts at the same time.

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