Add a `same_definition_as_in`

So robotframework, Cadwyn, and apparently cattrs use this construct. These are libraries, yes, but regular business logic needs a similar structure for handling subclassing and super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) too.

It feels to me like enough of a reason to add it to typing. If we were to ever add it to typing, what name would you folks prefer?

  • same_signature_as_in
  • copy_signature
  • same_definition_as_in
  • wraps (please, don’t pick this one. I expect a lot of confusion from people, especially with auto-imports)

There is also an option of just improving support for functools.wraps. However, functools.wraps does not exactly do the same thing because it changes runtime attributes which might be an unwanted behavior in use cases of copy_signature.

Additionally, there is a more complex option: we could draft how the more advanced function signature modification (people have mentioned it above in this thread) would look like in the future and then implement a small portion of that to just support copy_signature. Though this one is probably the most dangerous option because if we get the future interface wrong, we are in for a lot of trouble, bad interfaces, and nasty deprecations. It is much easier to support a three-liner function that essentially does nothing at runtime.

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