Addendum for PEP 722 to use TOML

As it is written now, this PEP feels quite weird to read. The scope defined at the beginning does not seem to match what is actually proposed in the rest of the document. I find there are a lot of gaps. It seems to start as being a drop-in replacement for PEP 722, but then it goes all over the place by addressing some random bits of the issues with embedding a whole pyproject.toml in a Python file.

Why is PEP 621 mentioned? Instead it should mention and link the actual specification only: Declaring project metadata

The section Should scripts be able to specify a package index? seems completely unnecessary. As far as I know [project] does not allow indexes. If it is about forbiding indexes in other tables than [project] it should make it clear in the specification.

In “Recommendations”, seemingly out of nowhere, comes a bit about name, version and requires-python without much context. It should at the very least mention that it is about fields in the [project] table. Why is this recommendation here anyway? This seems quite out of the scope initially defined for this PEP, in particular this bit:

name: script-<sha256 of script's path> e.g. script-3a5c6b... to provide interoperability with other tools that use the name to derive file system storage paths for things like virtual environments

Shouldn’t it be a separate PEP? Probably once these discussions have reached a conclusion: