Adding a category/sub-category about isolating extension modules

Hi @staff,

I’d like to add a category or sub-category to where projects/users can get help from core devs with isolating their extension modules (see PEPs 630 and 684). For example, it’s where I’d like to have discussions with numpy and cython about their support for multiple interpreters.

I don’t mind if it’s a sub-category, but only “Core Development” and “Python Help” seem to fit. The latter is an awkward fit and I’m afraid the former would invite too much noise. Maybe a new category would make sense?


If it’s just one-off discussions then I don’t think you need a dedicated (sub-)category. Since you’re going to have to reach out to those folks directly about this anyway, couldn’t you point them to your discussion topic? Or are you seeing to have a bunch of topics over the span of years?

I don’t think “Help” is awkward if you’re just providing support for people having issues. As for “too much noise” if this is more about chatting with folks instead of providing support, that’s why you can unsubscribe from a topic very easily if people don’t care. :slightly_smiling_face:

That seems extremely niche to take up an entire category and a slot on the front page for new users to have to wade through (we’re already a bit long IMO as it is).


You can use a tag. I went ahead and added it: Topics tagged isolating-extensions


Thanks! That should work. We can circle back if we notice any deficiencies.

Perhaps in the future if there is enough discussion within the sphere of the C-API (particularly with the rise of HPy and with the potential for major C-API changes on the horizon with Faster CPython, subinterpreters, GIL removal, etc), there could be a separate C-API category which would contain this in a subtag. Right now, it seems that mostly happens in Core Development.