Adding members to the committers group

(Zachary Ware) #1

I notice a few folks in the Users list that are almost certainly the core developers that they appear to be, but I don’t appear to have any way to confirm that. I think @ambv mentioned comparing email addresses for that purpose, but I don’t see those available anywhere. Is that something that can be made visible to users of a sufficient trust level? Should we go ahead and add people that we’re quite sure should be in the group, and deal with impersonation if it comes up?

(Guido van Rossum) #2

There’s this User claiming to be “Barry Warsaw” but I don’t think he is who he claims to be.

(Barry Warsaw) #3

And I wouldn’t trust him in either case!

(Jack Jansen) #4

I tried to add @ronaldoussoren earlier today, by pressing the “add” button on his message requesting committer access, but:

  • I have no idea whether that succeeded,
  • I have no idea whether I just shouldn’t bother and leave it to the people who understand discourse…

(Tim Golden) #5

I think I’m in that set of people. (I spent ages wondering where the “Post to this thread” button was on python-committers before I came across Tim Peters’ similar query on this group/category.

Could someone add me (tjguk / to be able to post to the committers group please?

(Łukasz Langa) #6

@tjguk, I added you, welcome.

@jackjansen, apparently that worked since he’s added. You can check membership by seeing whether that person has the Python logo flair on their avatar, and a “CPython core developer” title next to their username.

(Tim Golden) #7

Thanks, @ambv

(Yury Selivanov) #8

@ambv @jackjansen I’ve actually added Ronald myself; I remember I also tried to click the “add” button and saw that nothing happened. So I did it via the Groups screen. I wish adding people to groups was less cumbersome…

(Łukasz Langa) #9

Oh, I know what you mean now. The “Add” button only adds that person to the current “private message”, forming like a group chat. I see why this is confusing in the “Please add me to a group” context.