Adding values to Pandas plots

Hi everyone,
I got a quick question. for the below plot


    {'font.size': 20, 
     'axes.labelcolor': 'green',  
     'axes.titlecolor': 'orange'}

ax1 = pd.DataFrame(train['meter'].value_counts(normalize = True)).plot(
    kind = 'bar',
    rot = 0,
    colormap = 'cividis',
    legend = False,
    figsize = (12, 8),
    xlabel = 'Meter Count',
    title = 'The frequency of each meter in the dataset'
ax1.set_ylabel('Percentage of Records', fontdict = {'fontsize' : 20})

Now If I would like to add the value of each bar above or inside it, how can it be done?
I’ve tried setting table = True but the table overlapped the x axis.