Adding variables from datetime to matplotlib

Hi, i’m trying to convert information outputted from a function to a bar chart
to specify in detail, im creating a hospital management system

and appointments are included, I want the bar chart to seperate by appointments per month
so if theres 5 in feb, the tally of the bar will be to 5, or 2 in jan etc
I’m having trouble with this though, its constantly not outputting the months at all

the get_appointments just gets the appointments, linking through a different class

Can you provide a SSCCE? It could be a better way to get help, IMHO.

what does SSCCE mean?
to shorten my explanation?

It means a short working example of your code, that demonstrates the issue.

A good example can be found in this post.

the output im trying to achieve is like this:
(i got that output through testing
I populated it via numbers in that example though
In my code, I’m trying to populate it by appointments, im trying to have the same format of output but via the month of appointments
so, if i add an appointment for 5th jan 2023, I want jan in the bar chart to go up by 1 same applying to other months, but my output doesn’t do anything
source code is in the initial post
the output is just blank, unsure why

I’m not sure how else to explain this and I’m sorry that you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying. Maybe someone will look at your code and come up with a fix, maybe not, but in my experience, you have a much better chance if you post a working example of your code. If the code is too long (say > 25 lines or so) then that’s where the “Short working example” would be needed; one that uses same the concept, so that any resolve can be adapted (by you) and applied to your own code base.