Addition of graphs page to site

current scenario -
the site does not have a graphs/statistics/timeline page.
some of the below-listed graphs could be found, but they are not on one page.

expected scenario -
the site has such a page, which includes different types of graphs, timeline plots, and statistics details, such as,
(these could be from the time range 20 Feb 1991 - present, or as per data availability)

  1. timeline of major additions to the language, such as match-case statement, decorator, walrus …
  2. number of downloads of the language over time, could even add details related to the OS used by people.
  3. number of contributors, prs, issues over time
  4. timeline of PEPs
  5. timeline of conference events such as PyCon, EuroPython …
  6. number of lines of c vs python code in cpython repo over time
  7. timeline of development of repos related to alternative implementations of the language, such as pypy, jython, cython
  8. timeline of major deprecations if any
  9. different versions release timeline

motivation -
it becomes easier for a new user to be aware of the history, and how the language developed in the past with the help of graphs, timelines.