Adopting/recommending a toml parser?

Moving from C99 to C11 was discussed recently (January 2021) on python-dev. MSVC was pointed at as a blocker, IIRC. (I did not re-read the whole thread.)

But this is a digression.


I know I’m super-late to the party (I just found out about this discussion), but I would really like there to be a write API for TOML eventually so that that I could have it replace JSON for me. Right now, I use JSON because I can read and write it, even though it’s a pretty crappy format for the purpose I’m using it for. Other people in this thread have given pretty comprehensive reasons for a write API, so rather than rehashing, I’ll just say that I second those reasons.

I’ve added hauntsaninja and encukou as maintainers on GitHub and PyPI to increase bus factor.

An FYI to everyone in this thread: we how have a PEP draft (PEP 680) and a separate discussion for it in the PEPs category (thanks @hauntsaninja!).