After installing python 3.12 had problems

I lost my bluetooth access after installing it. I uninstall it now and hopefully I get back my bluetooth. Any suggestions?

This sounds highly unlikely. I am not sure how Python REPL could affect hw. I would guess it was just a coincidence or other problem.

I have a brand new computer and I have no problems until I downloaded Python (my last and only download) because I’m going to use it for my final project next week. There must be something wrong with the update since my bluetooth suddenly vanish in my laptop. So I uninstall python and message Microsoft. Sent me an update and my bluetooth is back

It’s highly unlikely that python has anything to do with it. Now that you have bluetooth back, try installing python again and you’ll see.

My suggestion: After you install Python reboot the PC. Now see if your bluetooth is working.

It would sure be odd if installing Python affected some type of Bluetooth driver somehow.