Ah...How do I submit my changes to Github?

How do I submit my changes to Github?

When asking question remember to include enough information so that people can understand what you are asking.

In this case we have to read you mind to figure out what you are tryiung to do and what you are having a problem with.

Have you already cloned a project and made your changes to the resulting files?

If yes, please let us know which repo you cloned.

GitHub - python/cpython: The Python programming language Instead of using the “git clone” command, I downloaded master.zip on Github

What do:
git branch
git status


This may help:

That is unfortunate, because that only gets you to code itself, not the
git repository with the change history. You should get a new copy using
git clone.

A repository checkout has the commit/change history, and lets you commit
changes to your local copy in a way which can be presented back to the
project. That’s a lot better than just the code itself.

Cameron Simpson cs@cskk.id.au