Alternative call syntax

That’s not entirely true. Yes, library changes will get pushback of the form “why can’t this be on PyPI”, but that doesn’t mean they never get accepted. It just means the bar for acceptance is high (a lot higher than simply “I just had a good idea, what do you think?”). But the barrier for acceptance of syntax changes is also high - probably even higher than library changes, notwithstanding the previous point.

The truth is, getting any sort of change into a widely used, mature language like Python is hard. At the moment, it feels like you are throwing ideas out to see which ones will stick. That simply isn’t a productive use of anyone’s time. All you are doing, as has already been mentioned, is using up people’s patience with you to the point where you’re going to start getting ignored and your ideas dismissed.

Very few people have contributed ideas or features to Python without having already established themselves in the community. That means participating in discussions of other people’s ideas, often simply by listening, and asking questions that demonstrate that you understand the things that commonly cause proposals to fail. Once you’ve established a reputation like that, then you might find that people are receptive to proposals from you - especially if you take on board all the experience you’ve gained watching how other people’s proposals have fared, and make your own proposal as good as you possibly can.

None of this is easy. Becoming a contributor to Python (even in a minor way) can take months, or even years, of involvement and reputation building. That’s not to say that new people aren’t welcome - far from it! But just because we welcome new voices doesn’t mean they get a free pass to waste people’s time as they learn. Start small, listen far more than you speak, make what you say worth listening to, and you will get much further than you are doing with your current approach.