Alternative call syntax

As far as I can tell rich doesn’t support keyboard input. And at the moment it doesn’t restore the terminal back to its default settings when the program is terminated (which ansio does): [BUG] Terminal settings aren't restored · Issue #3354 · Textualize/rich · GitHub

See this thread for information about other libaries I tried:

Do you realise how much time I spent on this. :frowning: Because I wanted to support Windows I had to write my own interface library from scratch and this is the second attempt (in the first one I implemented a complete file manager). Wrapper around ansio here: GitHub - nineteendo/pyvz2 at alpha

I mostly wrote this library for myself, I’m just sharing it because it might be useful for others. My main problem here is probably that curses isn’t available on Windows.

See for-all-any/ at main · nineteendo/for-all-any · GitHub for my work in progress on for all & any. How many ideas should I research?