Announcement: distlib 0.3.5 released on PyPI

Version 0.3.5 of distlib has recently been released on PyPI . For newcomers, distlib is a library of packaging functionality which is intended to be usable as the basis for third-party packaging tools.

The main changes in this release are as follows:

  • Fixed #161: Updated test case.

  • Fixed #164: Improved support for reproducible builds by allowing a fixed date/time to be inserted into created .exe files. Thanks to Somber Night for the patch.

  • Fixed #169: Removed usage of deprecated imp module in favour of importlib.

  • Fixed #170: Corrected implementation of get_required_dists().

  • Fixed #172: Compute ABI correctly for Python < 3.8.

  • Changed the default locator configuration.

  • Made updates in support of PEP 643 / Metadata 2.2.

  • Updated launcher executables. Thanks to Michael Bikovitsky for his help with the launcher changes.

  • Updated to write an archive path of RECORD to RECORD instead of the staging path. Thanks to Pieter Pas for the patch.

A more detailed change log is available here.

Please try it out, and if you find any problems or have any suggestions for improvements, please give some feedback using the issue tracker!

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