Announcement: pip 20.0 release

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the PyPA, I am pleased to announce that pip 20.0 has been released.

This release contains quite a lot of changes (you can see the full list here). The highlights for this release are:

  • Shorter filenames in output, when installing from PyPI.
  • Automatic fall back to user installs, when main site-packages directory is not writable and user installs are allowed.
  • Significantly improved wheel building and wheel caching.
  • Significantly reworked PEP 425 (binary compatibility tag) computation.
  • Better handling of system packages in virtual environments created with venv (PEP 405).
  • Older pip entry points have been reinstated temporarily, to aid users with stale wrapper scripts.

We expect that upgrading to this version of pip, would be painless for most users. We recommend that users test the release before deploying in production, as with any other software release.

The pip development team is extremely grateful to everyone in the community for their contributions. Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into the new release. Many of the contributions came from community members, whether in the form of code, participation in design discussions and/or bug reports.



Congrats and thank you :sunny:

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