Announcement: pip 20.2b1 release

A new beta release of pip, 20.2b1 has been released! You can install it by running python -m pip install --upgrade --pre pip.

This release is mainly intended for users interested in testing the new resolver code (available via the --unstable-feaure=resolver option to pip). Apart from the resolver, there are only a couple of changes over the current stable (20.1.1) release of pip. However, as we move closer to having a feature-complete release of the new resolver, we wanted to provide an updated snapshot of the new resolver functionality, to allow people interested in helping us with the testing to get access to the latest changes that have been made.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release, and in particular to all of the people who have tested and provided feedback on the new resolver so far!


Is there an environment variable one can set to enable this feature? (as some workflows that have complex dependency trees might not be called directly, and setting the env-var would be a less intrusive change to these systems)


Yes, it’s standard for pip options to be linked to environment variables, and this is no exception - but you’re right it’s worth calling out explicitly.


I would follow up that with you can request virtualenv to create environments via this beta pip by using the environment variable VIRTUALENV_PIP=20.2b1, so for example to test your tox workflow with the new feature you could:


A short format of testing something quickly, assuming you have virtualenv already instaleld, would be:

env VIRTUALENV_PIP=20.2b1 virtualenv venv --clear
env PIP_UNSTABLE_FEATURE="resolver" venv/bin/pip install 'setuptools_scm >= 3.5[toml]'

@pf_moore would be helpful maybe also to point out with a link where to report issues (I assumed is still Github, any subject text/tag recommended?)


@pf_moore This blog post mentions you can find out when the new beta is available for testing by subscribing to pypi-announce list, could send an announcement there so people interested in it don’t miss it? :slight_smile:

Jakub: confusingly, 20.2b1 is not the beta that we are going to ask
tons of people to test (we have a few more things to iron out first,
especially around user experience and error messages). We will be
publicizing another beta, something like 20.1b2 that will come out
probably in June. Sorry for the confusion.


Per Announcement: pip 20.2 release! pip 20.2 is out! Thank you to our beta testers!

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