Any interest in working out a standard API for calling linters?

Yeah, no way I would want to do that. I always assumed the process of this would be:

  1. See if enough editor maintainers were interested.
  2. See if enough linter maintainers were interested.
  3. Iterate on an API together.
  4. Write a draft PEP.
  5. Try out a PoC to make sure we didn’t overlook anything.
  6. Get the PEP accepted.
  7. Update the linters and editors to start using the PEP.

I think we are at steps 1 & 2. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Since this idea didn’t gain enough traction, I’m considered it rejected.

I have not given up on trying to lower the cost of tool integration, though! When me and my team have more to share I will post to this category (I have ideas, but I have to see how they pan out first).

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