Anyone using discourse on an iPad?

(Jack Jansen) #1

Just now I visited discourse on my iPad, for the first time. I’m getting all sorts of weird behavior, it scrolls up and down like anything, and all sorts of UI elements flash wildly.

And when I try replying it inconveniently moves my text off the top of the screen while the keyboard is visible, so I have to repeatedly hide and show the keyboard to see what I’m typing.

Is anyone else seeing this too?

(Guido van Rossum) #2

I’ve tried the Discourse mobile app on iPhone and iPad. I didn’t notice bad scrolling but it seems to just be running the mobile website in a web browser. I gave up on this when I realized that it logs you out after some time. I now use it in the Chrome browser whose password vault makes logging back in simper.

(Jack Jansen) #3

Installed the app, and it doesn’t seem to have the scrolling problem I had when visiting the website with Safari. And it does seem to have access to the keychain (where my passwords are). So happy for now.

(Łukasz Langa) #4

That’s essentially what it does but it also handles notifications if you’re into this sort of thing.

Fortunately this was not it. upgraded our Discourse instance a few days ago and this logged everybody out. The website was in read-only mode for a while, too :slight_smile:

Hopefully most upgrades won’t require logouts.