API for querying PyPI trove classifiers

Apologies if I missed this in the warehouse docs. I’m trying to figure out whether there is an API to query all of the packages on PyPI with a given trove classifier? The old XML-RPC API had the search(spec[, operator]) function… but it’s deprecated and I’m not seeing similar functionality in the newer JSON API endpoints (all of which appear to require you to know the package name first)

thanks for any tips.

I don’t know of an API but the trove-classifiers package is the “Canonical source for classifiers on PyPI.”

I think the OP is asking about querying PyPI for “projects matching given trove classifiers”, not the trove classifiers themselves. AFAIK there’s not an API for that at the moment, but the PyPI maintainers may be interested in adding the feature: GitHub - pypa/warehouse: The Python Package Index

Yep, the latter. I’m not looking to know “what classifiers are available”, but rather “what packages have metadata that includes one specific classifier”.

Thanks @uranusjr, I can post to warehouse