Api json always failed

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem.

when I send request to one api by POST,

it always return:

{“Successful”:false,“ErrorMessage”:“Error converting value "{"ActionName": "LoadBizObjects", "SchemaCode": "D000119salesorder", "Filter": {"FromRowNum": 0, "RequireCount": false, "ReturnItems": , "SortByCollection": , "ToRowNum": 500, "Matcher": {"Type": "And", "Matchers": }}}" to type \u0027System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]\u0027. Path \u0027\u0027, line 1, position 253.”,“Logined”:false,“ReturnData”:{},“DataType”:0}

Anyone can help me to solve it?

much apperaciate.

Best regards

It looks like there is a problem on the server, and it looks like the server’s code is written in C# rather than Python. There isn’t any way we can help you with this; it is a tech support question for the web site that provides the API.