Are we hosting CPython-dev sprints on PyCon US 2021?

I’ve just joined to the discord server for the sprints though I don’t see CPython. Do we have any plans regarding hosting it this year?

I guess this kind of slipped everyone’s mind. I’ve signed us up, and will get discord sorted later today.

Mark Shannon already got the discord category set up, although we may want to create a couple more channels depending on how much interest there is. We’ll see.

I find myself pretty exhausted after PyCon US, so if people want to help out with organising the sprints – or were already planning to do so and I just didn’t realise it :slight_smile: – please do! Currently Mark Shannon (because he was first) and I are “CPython sprint leads” on Discord, but others can (and should) be added by the Sprints Discord admins. Depending on who wants to sprint on what we could do with a few more channels, possibly a separate category for some subjects (like faster-cpython, which is currently just two channels, text and voice). We probably want to provide more extensive newcomer materials than just a link to, and perhaps advertising on python-dev and the non-committer categories.

which server?

I found it here - PyCon 2021 - Development Sprints