Autocomplete typing in GUI search field

Have a simple search-find-display result desktop application in Python. I need help on auto-suggesting words from a list in the dictionary while user started typing. For example, when a user starts typing Sa , it prompts from a list like Sabre and holds it and display its value in the result box.

Hi there,

So, i didn’t completely understand what is the problem. Is the search algorithm for the keyword in a dictionary or is the autocomplete widget that is the issue?

Can you provide more information about your project (like UI framework)?

Thanks, Search is working fine.
But, When we start typing a keyword search, i wish the list of values as a drop down comes/suggests for user to complete the typing easily .

Do you already have logic that can tell you what values should be in the list? Do you know how to make the input field respond to a key-press event? Can you make a dropdown box appear at all? If you put those things together, does it not solve the problem? Exactly what is the sticking point?

the way a text suggestions appear from my dictionary key as user starts typing words in the search field