Autofill in pandas - hinterland is enabled

i have in jupyter notebook tried to get the autofill/autocorrection with the tab key.
It works when i have enable hinterland.
But when i want an autofill/correction with pandas , it does not work.

df = pd.DataFrame , he does not want to fill in DataFrame when i hit the tab .

Has anyone an idea how to fix this ??

Many thanks

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Auto-complete is built into Jupyter, as it is in any other Jupyter environment. While writing code, simply press the “Tab” key. This will bring up a menu with some suggestions. To select the suggestion, press “Enter.” You may not be able to remember all of the function names, syntax, or function parameters no matter how good you are at programming in a language like Python. As a result, you may need to use Jupyter notebook’s intellisense or autocomplete feature while programming in pandas, python, or other similar libraries.