"Azure Pipelines PR" build results broken

There seems to be something broken with the Azure integration in GitHub. Whenever I click on any build result, I just get “An unexpected error has occurred within this region of the page.”

For example, my PR https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/11636 has a red X for the “Azure Pipelines PR” build. I wanted to find out why, but the “Details” link points to https://dev.azure.com/Python/cpython/_build/results?buildId=37086 which gives me that error.

Clicking on the red Ubuntu PR Tests Job entry in the Logs tab gives the info that the Install Dependencies step failed with :

[Error 1] The agent: Hosted Agent lost communication with the server. Verify the machine is running and has a healthy network connection. For more information, see: Troubleshoot pipeline runs - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Learn

Since it sounds like an intermittent system failure, I’ve manually closed and re-opened the PR which should trigger the tests to be run again.