Basma mohmed al ansary

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Hi, and welcome to the Python Discourse. We hope you enjoy your stay!

I don’t see where you’ve asked a question, sorry. In order to help us help you, please describe the problem you have, or what you’re looking for feedback on. Thanks!

Also, make sure to place your code in a code block (the </> button in the toolbar), as otherwise it will not be displayed correctly, particularly the indentation which is particularly critical for Python code (and is off above). Additionally, make sure to copy-paste your code exactly rather than retyping it.

I noticed that it contains multiple basic syntax errors that would be readily apparent when running it (spurious indentation, missing string quotes,etc) but its not clear if these are actually present in the original you’re running, or due to either not copy-pasting it exactly or Discourse’s prose formatting, particularly without any description of the issue you’re facing.