Blackduck reporting lzma.pyd as a xz utils component

As I understand lzma is a module that supports LZMA/XZ support, how to find the version of the or lzma.pyd file.
Since Blackduck showing xz utils is without the version. if we want to upgrade how to upgrade lzma file alone.
attached the screenshot for the reference

attaching one more screenshot

You are checking for the xz comprised library?

What OS is this for?

If the lzma.pyd is dynamically linked to the xz/lzma library then for the xz security issue you would just check the lib version I assume.

The Windows build of CPython statically links liblzma into _lzma.pyd. liblzma is built from a copy of the xz source distribution stored in a cpython-controlled repository. The last several versions of Python have used xz version 5.2.5. We’re probably due for an update when there’s a commonly accepted clean new version :slight_smile:

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