Blurb it cannot create news file for my PR

I’m logged in to blurb-it with my GitHub account, the only one I have and the same one used to create my PR, yet Blurb It failed:

I guess I’ll keep trying.

I hit Cmd+R to resend; Firefox resent the payload, but Blurb it returned the same response.

I saved the HAR file for the request, but it doesn’t reveal much, only that there’s the form data I submitted and that the response is a 200 response of HTML. Everything was handled server side, so it’s opaque. Someone will need to review the logs on the service to learn more.

I wonder if the issue is that I accidentally pushed the branch to python/cpython instead of jaraco/cpython. Weird that I would have access to do that but not access to amend the PR I created.

Indeed, it seems that was the issue (or maybe some other transient issue). I closed 20656 and created GH-20659 from a branch from my fork and Blurb it was able to create the blurb.


I suspect it’s rather that blurb-it doesn’t have access to python/cpython, which is probably for the best :slight_smile:


Blurb-it is a GitHub App that can be installed on specific repo. You might have chosen to install blurb-it to your fork’s CPython repo so it doesn’t have access to directly modify the python/cpython repo. Additionally I think we can’t just install any GitHub App to python/cpython repo, an admin will need to approve that request.

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