Build Python's Windows installer to corresponding arch

The Python’s Windows installer exe for x86, AMD64, arm64 are all x86.

Maybe it’s better to build the installers in corresponding arch to maximize CPU utilization?
For example, arm64 python’s installer should be built to arm64 exe, AMD64 python’s installer should be built to AMD64 exe.

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@steve.dower ^^

(PS. Which category should this be in? Ideas seems wrong, but I can’t think of anything really better.)

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Core development? I believe that was meant to be the most similar to python-dev.


Core development would be fine, but it’s also not going to change. This part of the installer doesn’t need the performance (the actual install is done by the OS, not by this exe), and so compatibility is more important.

It also gets a more user-friendly error message if you happen to choose the wrong platform (though these seem to have improved in Windows 11, so maybe that’s a less compelling reason nowadays).

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