Call for Typing Council nominations

As mentioned at the Typing Summit at PyCon US, Guido is looking to step down from the Typing Council. Quoting from PEP 729:

If there is a vacancy and there are three or more remaining members, it is up to the Council to decide whether to appoint a new member. To determine replacements, nominations will be collected from the typing community. Self-nominations are allowed. The existing Typing Council will then decide the replacement member(s) from the nominees. The expectation is that this would be done by fiat, but the Typing Council can choose a replacement by any means they see fit, including a vote.

If you have people (including yourself) you’d like to see on the Council, please reply to this thread (or send me a discourse DM, or email me at hauntsaninja at gmail). We’ll wait one week for nominations.

Please also get in touch if you have questions or feedback on the Council. And if you’d just like to get to know us a little more, I believe there should soon be a recording posted of the Typing Council talk / Q&A from the Typing Summit.


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Guido for his contributions to the Typing Council during the first six months. When I asked him whether he’d be willing to join, I hardly expected him to say yes, since he (still!) works on so many other aspects of the Python ecosystem. But he said yes, and for the past few months it’s been invaluable to have Guido’s experience and judgment on the Council.

Thank you, Guido!


I’d like to echo @Jelle in thanking Guido for his work, and also I’d like to nominate @carljm as a good candidate for the Typing Council.

Carl has contributed the MonkeyType library to help our community, given insightful talks at typing summits the past four years (on static python, handling forward references, monkey type, and this year on intersection types). My read is that his forward references talk in particular helped move the language forward on PEP 649.

He also brings an unusually deep understanding of interactions between the type system and runtime from his work on the Static Python project in Cinder, and is working on adding type inference to Ruff. As a result I am confident that his perspective would help the typing council drive the type system in a direction that is more useful, usable, and stable.


@carljm has graciously agreed to fill the vacancy on Typing Council. Thank you once again to Guido for all your contributions and kindness.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am very happy to see Carl join the team.