Can we do something for 996 programmers in China?

Do nothing is better.
996 is a Chinese problem that can only be solved by the Chinese themselves.


How about blocking 996 companies using Python in the license?

Dear Guido,
Thanks for your attention on this issue in China.
I don’t know what specific things could be done while to bring this on the table is a good beginning.

Thanks, from China.
BR, Wey


Thanks Guido, I think 996 problem needs more attention worldwide.

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What if these 996 programmers got generous profits? Well, someone just need money.By the way I hate non-paid 996 working

It’s not just the IT industry. Many industries are 996. This is a very common phenomenon.

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Is there any way that python can adopt the anti 996icu license? That will help a lot I think.

God, plz close this thread. Plz use other methods to discuss whatever you wanna discuss. Don’t correlate Python with this plzzzzz.

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it’s so kind of your to pay attention of this thing !
but ,sadly as a dev from China the only thing i can do is not join those 996 companies

Thanks very very much,Guido.
You are so kind.

One thing I want emphasize is that our government is too powerful that organizing a actual labour union is nearly impossible. ( I don’t mean to subvert regime, but the status quo did make us feel exhausted and comfortless.)
The possibility is near zero to count on giant change from the inside.As you can see, our domestic public opinion is strictly controlled, maybe only 3% people had known about the 996 event (personally estimation).Honestly, it is still very hard to change lot even with external power.

However, there is better than nothing.Thank you hearty guys, sincerely.

From an undergraduate student, future programmer


Hi, I don’t think it’s a good idea.
tech should be independent.


It’s disgusting all big Chinese big companies use implicitly mandatory 996 to force employees to work overtime and this cause many cases of employees’ sudden death. This kind of cases only happen in Chinese companies like Tencent and HuaWei. Ironically Tencent tells its employees their partner will be compensated if they are dead due to working overtime!

I strongly disagree. No one can be totally independent.

To say the least, as long as the state permits itself to interfere with the affairs of literature, literature has the right to interfere with the affairs of the state.

From Joseph Brodsky - Nobel Lecture:


I think the rule that the 996 companies should pay more if they’re using Python based framework may helps.

If you really want to do something. Please hire them! :slightly_smiling_face: I was joking…

This is apparently a political issue of China, and Python Community is better to be non-political.

We should show understanding for them, but we can’t change the fact.

If we are going to apply the 996 license for Python, then China’s companies could simply create a fork from the last non-996-licensed version and maintain that by themselves. Then, the offical Python disappears in China.

Another fact is that, even if those companies don’t follow the license, we actually could do nothing :upside_down_face: China is like an separate world, and they don’t care the rules in open source communities.


Chinese Government and most tech companies don’t care about programmers while they are very talent and skillful. As a developer in China, I know that most developers in China are much willing to work remotely for companies outside China while most opportunies are not open for these talented and kind people.This situation should change.

I believe that in the near future, there will be more companies adopting remote work style and developers will be more social. Then, Chinese developers don’t have to stay in the tie-1 cities like Beijing, Shanghai to get a job while suffering from the high living cost and pressures from family and company.

Hope for that.


You can do nothing , We can do nothing … Because they will treat us like animals.

I agree with !996 very much.



We can do nothing. 因为这是整个社会结构的问题,包括房价。