Cannot edit code with Search(Find) Window open

I have two raspberry Pi systems that allow me to open the Find window with a Ctrl+F and still be able to use the mouse to click on code and edit code. I just setup a third system and when I open the Find window, I cannot edit any code until I close the Find window.

I have not been able to find any references to this issue.

What editor are you using?

Thonny on all three systems.

This is the editor that came with my installation.
Is there a better editor I should use?

I tried putting thonny can't edit while find window open into a search engine, and the first result I got was Find / Replace search box, unexpected text and cannot edit while open · Issue #2550 · thonny/thonny · GitHub . Does this solve the problem, or is it at least on the right track?

Based on the article you found, I appears to be a linux change and I hope they fix this issue.

Is there another editor that you use that you would recommend? There are a bunch of them out there.