Canonicalizing my name

(Inada Naoki) #1

My name is not canonicalized in the source tree. There are “Naoki Inada”, “INADA Naoki”, and “Inada Naoki”.

Devguide says " ensure the patch is attributed correctly with the contributor’s name in Misc/ACKS". I will follow the guide from today. Then,

  • I want to change my name in Misc/ACKS from “Naoki Inada” to “Inada Naoki”. Is it OK?
  • Which branch should I change? Only master, or also 3.7 (maintained branch)?
  • How about canonicalizing existing news entries?

I want change small as possible. Misc/ACKS and Misc/NEWS.d/next/* in master branch.

(Serhiy Storchaka) #2

I think this is okay while your name is left recognizable by most people (uses the Latin script).

(Guido van Rossum) #3

My apologies for the newbie question, but which is your family name? Naoki or Inada? Also, how should one properly address you? Inada-san or Naoki-san?

(Brett Cannon) #4

I agree with Serhiy that it’s totally fine! It’s your name. :slight_smile:

I think it’s up to you.

I think it’s also up to you.

(Inada Naoki) #5

Inada is my family name. And please call Inada-san. It’s convention in Japan.

Japanese name is family name first, like Chinese and Korean.
But Japan reversed name order in English traditionally, like “Naoki Inada” (Given-name first).

To respect Japanese culture, this tradition is changing. Japanese schools teaches family-name first notation now.

I like this changing because it solves confusion about name. Family name first in all of CJK. (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). No special rule for only Japan.

(Petr Viktorin) #6

You might also want to canonicalize/fix commit authorship using Git’s .mailmap file (see the docs or an example).
Beware that it makes your e-mail address more discoverable.

(Inada Naoki) #7

Do you mean adding .mailmap file in python/cpython repository?

(Petr Viktorin) #8

Yes. That file should affect all tools that work with Git (including GitHub, AFAIK. And hopefully also the migration scripts that’ll be used when CPython moves away from Git).