Can't Access This Website

On my computer, I am not able to access this website. I am posting this here via my phone. I have opened an issue on github documenting this phenomenon. Please read the issue: Can't Access · Issue #106841 · python/cpython · GitHub
Make sure to scroll down and read the entire thing.

Though you should still read the github issue, here is a summary.

Hey, sorry for the issues and thanks for reaching out.

Seems like it’s possible this issue is similar/related:

since the behavior was similar, the OP mentioned it only happened on certain browsers and platforms, and went away when clearing cookies.

@SamSaffron , are you or any of your fellow Discourse experts aware of this issue, or have any ideas here? Thanks!

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Thanks a lot for jumping on this, @CAM-Gerlach. If I can assist with debugging this issue in any way (since I am the one experiencing the strange behavior), I’m here.

Win 11 + edge should certainly be supported.

In any case all unsupported browsers should show an HTML view, not errors, so this Firefox related issue is also concerning.

Can both issues be reproduced on If so, can you open a bug report there and I will ensure it has a priority attached to it?

Hmm, I didn’t know python used a forums engine. I will test it right now.

@SamSaffron Yes, just tested and exact same behavior occurs on meta.

Do you mind opening a dedicated topic on meta, I will ensure it is followed up by the team.

Can’t Access This Website - bug - Discourse Meta

Sorry I’m so late! I shouldn’t have taken a break.

No probs, will take it up there, Falco’s questions are indeed spot on, answers will help us narrow it down.