Checking dictionary keys against list items

How do I make this work so that the “for (food_key, food_name), price in order_menu.items():” continues to work, not just once or for that specific item? (Don’t worry about the “end” code)

order_menu = {("C", "Chips (Scoops)") : 2.80, ("F", "Fish (Battered)") : 2.90, ("Fc", "Fish (Crumbed)") : 4.90, ("Fib", "Filet (Battered)") : 6.90, ("Fic", "Filet (Crumbed)") : 6.90, 
     ("Hd", "Hot Dog") : 2.60, ("S", "Sausage") : 2.60, ("Mp" , "Meat Patty (Homemade)") : 3.90, ("Cr", "Crabstick") : 2.50, ("Sr", "Spring Roll (Homemade)") : 2.80, 
     ("Cr", "Curry Roll (Homemade)"): 2.80, ("Pof", "Potato Fritter (Homemade)") : 1.20, ("Paf", "Paua Fritter (Homemade)") : 5.90, ("Cn", "Chicken Nugget") : 1, 
     ("Mh", "Mini Hot Dog (On a stick)") : 1.20, ("Pf", "Pineapple Fritter") : 2.50}
order_dictionary = {}

for (food_key, food_name), price in order_menu.items():
    while True:
        food_ordered = input("Order: (Type 'end' when you have finished)")
        if food_ordered == "end":
        elif food_ordered in food_key or food_ordered in food_name:
            quantity_food = int(input("Number of {}: ".format(food_ordered)))
            if quantity_food > 10:
                quantity_food_check = int(input("Are you sure you want x{} {}? (re-enter to confirm): ".format(quantity_food, food_ordered)))
                order_dictionary[food_ordered] = quantity_food
                order_dictionary[food_ordered] = quantity_food
            print("Please enter an actual item on the menu!")

Your for loop does not make much sense. The for loop is written so that it allows you to order just the first item on the menu. When you “end” the order, you can order just the second item etc.

…but the loop can be used for something else. Just move its former body from it by unindenting.

Then you need to fix the condition checking the food ordered:

elif food_ordered in food_key or food_ordered in food_name:

Instead of food_key put food_keys, same for food_names. These you will prepare as sets in front of the while loop (using the former for loop):

food_keys = {}
food_names = {}
for (food_key, food_name), price in order_menu.items():