Circular polarization from wifi, bluetooth, and 5g wireless

hello i would like to ask how to modify the following code to generate circular polarization from wifi, bluetooth, and 5g wireless. thanks very much.

Are you asking for people to explain the mathematics of the conversion?

If so that is not a python question and you need to find a maths, radio or physics forum for that sort of expertise.

You may get lucky and find someone here knows that stuff as well.

Are you asking how to modify the PyPI package to add what you want?
We can help with this.

In short what is it you want help with exactly?

my question relates to signals processing with python. i will try asking the math and physics community. thanks a lot for your help.

I am also interested in signal processing with python.
I get live seismograms from the Internet, if 3-axis seismograms I can extract seismological preessure waves and build seismograph’s location as 3D plot
(last plot in this paper: Loma Prieta Earthquake Analysis - MATLAB & Simulink Example

What comes next, I need to calculate vectors, representing
earthquake energy distribution in the space, based on 3D plot of the seismpograph’s calculated location.

What comes next is domino effect studied under ground, as earthquake directional energy distrubution from quake to another quake, world-wide ( targeting Turkey - in my case),31.92627&extent=40.56389,42.47314&range=month&magnitude=all&listOnlyShown=true&baseLayer=satellite

Not sure if polarization is the correct term but I build
Earthquake Forecasting System for Turkey, based on data received from seismographs world-wide and on Precognition algorithms.