Clarification of what is on-topic?

A recent question (Best version control tool for Python) was wrong for the Ideas category. But was it OK for the Users category? The description says, “General discussion forum for the Python programming language. All welcome.” Not all of the topics there are specifically about the language, they are also about the ecosystem, uses, etc.

Maybe better than flagging and closing the topic would have been to re-categorize it?


I agree it would be great to re-categorizing/moving it to the right category instead of flagging/closing.

The ideas category says “Would you like to change something in Python? This might be your feedback forum.” Perhaps it should be clearer that it is “core Python” and not the broad Python ecosystem?

Reading the topic now, I think I understand where you’re coming from: while it says in the title “…for Python”, it is not actually not about using Python, so perhaps even the Users category is not too appropriate… :thinking:

My inclination is to use a yes answer as much as possible rather than a no answer. The effect on this topic was a huge NO. Is there harm in letting people ask in Users about what is the best source control? It can be a good teaching moment.


Possibly. Probably the closest guidance I can think of is if you would consider it reasonable for python-list then it’s probably fine for Users (same for python-ideas/Ideas).


My apologies for my role in that thread; i too often put on my Stack Overflow moderator hat on outside of SO. I had actually forgotten about the Users category there.

(and because this isn’t clear from my publicly visible post there, I had flagged the post as well as respond to it, with the message This is way outside the topics normal here, it is certainly not a Python idea. It should just be closed.).

I would like to post a couple of my educational videos about Python. Is this kosher for Users (or at all around here)?

If you’re just creating posts about your videos I would say it’s off-topic. If you’re including the links in a reply to provide information for someone then that’s fine.