Compare each array element of 2 json array responses from external apis

Hello Python Community,

I have a scenario where want to compare the responses which is received in array format and each element of array has some parameters which needs to be compared with another API & again that API has response in array format with each element of array has some parameters but names for that parameter is different in both APIs

Consider the example,
GET API Response for first API array element has parameter name AccountNumber: 12345

GET API Response for second API array element has parameter name Number:12345

i have used POSTMAN with below method but not able to make it scalable which can read the parameter name and value from each element of array and compare it with another APIs array elements.

Test tab in Fist GET API

var jsonData = pm.response.json();
var Param1 = jsonData.result[0].AccountNumber

Test tab in Second GET API

var param2 = jsonData.items[0].Number;
pm.globals.set("param2", param2);
pm.test(“For this Service Parameters are same”, function () {

Need to know is there any other way in python which can make this scenario achievable in an easy way?

Thank you,