Consolidate more categories under Core Dev?

Now that we have #core-dev, would it make sense to move #peps, #core-workflow , and #async-sig there as well? Or perhaps just #core-workflow if the category is going to stay focused on the development of Python?

I’m not proposing #committers since it has different access controls than #core-dev.


IMO, #async-sig can remain separate. Although it hasn’t taken off yet in terms of traffic, it’s so far been used for general async discussion (from a user perspective), ideas, and questions rather than being focused on core development of async features in CPython. I don’t think there would be adequate traffic, at least at the moment, to justify a category strictly for async core development.

I think it would make sense to merge #peps and #core-workflow into the new category though, as they are more directly related to core development.

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