Conversion problem with numbers

Hi guys , I’m a noob .

I made a program who asks for a time and when i write 1.5 minutes it understands 90 seconds .
what do I have to do to make it understand that 1.5 minutes = 1min and 30 seconds ?

Thanks a lot

I don’t understand what you’re asking. There are 60 seconds in a minute, so 60 * 1.5 = 90 seconds.

1.5 minutes isn’t 60+50 seconds.

1 minute is 60 seconds. Half a minute (0.5) is 30 seconds. Add them together and you get 1.5 minutes = 90 seconds.

divmod is a function you could use to convert seconds into minutes and seconds.

Multiplying by 60 is good.

And divmod is useful too.

I’ve been using a module I wrote long ago for this. It’s at

There’s also cfunits · PyPI which I haven’t used, but might be pretty nice.