Core Sprint Event: SC -> Core Dev meeting

Hey all,

Since it seemed to be a decent format last year, I am gauging interest in a Steering Council → Core Dev meeting. This would be an opportunity to ask questions on current milestones, directly petition the SC for specific topics, etc.

  • Yes, I would like to attend and have a specific question/petition
  • Yes, I would like to attend
  • No

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For those who answered yes, please select the date and time combinations within the sprint week that work best for you (can select multiple):

  • Thursday, Oct. 21st
  • Friday, Oct. 22nd

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For convenience and to avoid the headache that is daylight savings, convert from UTC-7/PDT to local timezone here: PDT Converter - Savvy Time

  • 8am/08:00 (UTC-7)
  • 9am/09:00 (UTC-7)
  • 10am/10:00 (UTC-7)
  • 11am/11:00 (UTC-7)
  • 12pm/12:00 (UTC-7)
  • 1pm/13:00 (UTC-7)
  • 2pm/14:00 (UTC-7)
  • 3pm/15:00 (UTC-7)
  • 4pm/16:00 (UTC-7)
  • 5pm/17:00 (UTC-7)

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So is this going to happen? Where? I’m guessing Thursday at 11:00 Pacific?

Seeing as Thursday and Friday are tied, either works, but I guess we can go w/ Thursday 11am PDT/Pacific. It can take place on the Python Core Developers discord server in the “General Voice” channel.

@Mariatta do we still have access to the slido account from last year? Seemed to work well for structuring the questions.

I think is per-event kind of thing. So perhaps you’ll need to create a new slido event. Not sure if we need the paid version?
@ambv was the one who set it up for language summit, perhaps he knows more.

I don’t think it makes much sense to use Slido with Discord. Instead, just make the #general-chat channel into a Q&A channel. Somebody posts a question, others can +1 it using :plus:, when answered the moderator marks it as :done:. Look:

I like this better than using Slido because it will avoid having to use two systems and to switch windows all the time.


Might be easier to have a separate Q&A text channel (can delete after event) just to not mix up questions with other chatting, so we don’t lose track of the questions. But good idea!

Well, people will talk in chat regardless of how you call it. But it’s a good idea regardless to separate #q&a since not everybody will be taking part in that.

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Thanks to all who attended! Apologies if it wasn’t as well orchestrated this year (e.g. nobody to take notes or recording) as it was completely spontaneous, but hope you all still got something out of it. :slight_smile:

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