Could a module be created to be a user

I am a complete novice at python programming and the AI system.
So please forgive me if I’m asking something stupid.

Could a Nvidia Jetson Orin module be programmed to operate as a user, then given access to a computer through a network to use the system.

For example, what my idea would be is for a Jetson to use 3D modelling software to identify buildings/structures from images then use software on a computer to replicate the image into a 3D model.
Then export as an object to a saved document.

My goal would be to have a module use images from Google Earth, use Hexagon or Blender to create the 3D model then export to Unreal Engine to use as part of a gaming platform.
So an AI could map out a city into Unreal Engine ready to be used.

Jetson Orin is embeddable AI-oriented hardware. If its OS can connect to the Internet, which I assume to be true, then one can program it to act as a user. Software internet robots are routine, and indeed the bane of some websites. If one can load Python on the system, then one could use Python to do so. To use the Jetson AI features, there would need to be an importable module for accessing them. Given this, the answer seems to be ‘yes’ to both.

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Oh thank you for the reply, I was starting to think I had asked a stupid question.

Researching on what’s the limitations of AI is like walking on eggshells at the moment, as nobody wants to commit to an answer.
Especially game developers and graphic designers.

I appreciate the response, think I will continue to research further now I have an idea that it’s possible.

My answer addresses your 2nd paragraph. I have read that recent AI can convert 2D images to 3D models. But I don’t know about using images from Google Earth rather than from, say, a drone at a few hundred feet (or from the latest high-res spy satellites).

I have been playing around with the cesium plugin in unreal, Which is good from a distance but when you get close to the ground they models look a bit wonky.
That uses the API tiles from Google Maps.

So I am going to research and hopefully try something out that can utilise AI to do a more detailed 3D model.

I mean it might just be a pipe dream and I end up just chasing my tail.

I have attached a picture of what cesium looks like in unreal.

A meaty project that grabs your interest is a good way to learn.