Could someone help me(a beginner) with this code, please?

car_value = 10000
purchase_year = 2011
car_age = 8
driver_age = 23
electric = True
emissions_passed = True

#You may modify the lines of code above, but don’t move them!
#When you Submit your code, we’ll change these lines to
#assign different values to the variables.

#You’re writing some code to determine how much it will cost
#to renew the tag on your license plate. Why? Because I just
#had to pay my tag renewal, and if I have to deal with this
#mess, so do you. :stuck_out_tongue:

#Georgia’s tag renewal policies are unnecessarily
#complicated. I’ve simplified them to make this problem even
#doable. They are:

- If you purchased your car before 2013 (in 2012 or earlier),

you also pay 1% of its current value in additional tax.

- If the car is electric, you pay an additional $200 fee.

(This is real.)

- To renew, you must have passed an annual emissions check,

unless your car is electric, or if you’re 65 or over and

the car’s age is 10 years or older.

#Your code should print one of two messages. If the person
#needs to pass an emissions test in order to renew their tag,
#it should print, “You must pass an emissions test first.”
#This would be the message to print if emissions_passed is
#False and if they are not eligible for either exemption
#mentioned above.

#If the person is eligible to renew their tag, the code should
#print: “Your renewal fee is $__.”, where __ is the renewal
#cost. Round the renewal fee to the nearest integer. This will
#be $20, plus $200 if the car is electric, plus 1% of car_value
#if the purchase_year is less than or equal to 2012.
#Add your code here!

here is my code:

Hi and welcome.

We’d love to be able to help you, but the way that your post is formatted makes it less than easy to do so. Please compare the way your post is formatted to other posts here and you should very quickly see what I mean.

You can (and should) edit your post so that it’s way more readable. By doing so, you’ll be far more likely to get a response. As is, it’s less likely that that will happen – just some friendly advice. :slight_smile: