Course project about 15 points of my grade

i am completely stressed about this i need so much help !!!

Hello, @sohnaj, and welcome to the Python Forum!

The best thing for you to do is to post the code that you have thus far. That would enable us to offer help with it. You can also post several lines from the data file.

from the data file it are : ankylosaurus

so far in my understanding of python i am in need of help to start it but ive come up with
f= open(“demofile.txt”.r”)

i think that is wrong the functions i have to create are called modify_animal_nases(list)
that finds the word carnotaurus and replace with my name . by doing looping

i am very confused

Your code would be easier to read if it were correctly formatted. If you select it and click the </> button, it will become formatted.

f= open(“demofile.txt”.r”)

Thanks for formatting the code.

The Python 3 documentation may be helpful.

Within that documentation, see 7.2.1. Methods of File Objects.

You’re only reading one line at the moment. You either need a method on the file object that reads all the lines (preferred) or you need readline() in a loop.