Create a Python GUI to perform Data Entry on SAP HANA Database tables (add,delete,modify) edits


Has anyone been successful in creating a Python GUI/application that can update (data entry) SAP HANA tables?
(add,delete,modify) edits, etc.


Would you use hdbcli · PyPI for the connection?

Yes. hdbcli. The only thing is that I can’t find a fully completed example of a Python application,
that can actually update SAP HANA tables. Like a Python GUI with the database table fields
avaliable for modification/(Data Entry).


I’m not sure if this is helpful or not, but depending on your level of expertise making a new “sqldriver” for pysimplesql shouldn’t be too hard.

Pysimplesql connects GUI elements to the underlying database, making it easy to lay out an interface, and it does all the querying/insert/save/navigation in the background.

Since the Python library for SAP hana is dbapi compliant, modifying an exist sqldriver shouldn’t be too difficult.

The biggest issue I see is having a test database available. Do you use an appliance from SAP Cloud Appliance Library ?

Hello, Sam

I was thinking that I would install the Python Driver ([hdbcli · PyPI ] (hdbcli · PyPI) for the connection, as you previously referenced. I have a development environment
for the SAP HANA database. Are you suggesting that pysimplesql is a better choice?

Install the Python Driver

Install the Python driver into your local Python environment by using the pip installer so that you can use the Python driver to connect to an SAP HANA database.


You have run the SAP HANA client install.


  1. If you have multiple Python environments, then activate the Python environment where you want to install the Python driver. If you don’t have multiple Python environments, then ignore this step.