Create new dataframe from old dataframe

I have a pandas dataframe that has 2 columns

,and I want to create a new dataframe with column names: lowest, highest, count, and amount. The lowest and highest columns represent the range. The count column represents the number of values coming in the particular range, and the amount column represents the total of the values in the particular range.

And is it possible that we save that dataframe as an Excel file, and we can change the lowest and highest values in excel files according to our needs, while other values automatically get calculated.

If you want the sums and counts to be recalculated when you change the ranges in Excel, Excel will need to have the original data. Excel will be doing the entire job. Just save the data to an Excel file and use Excel’s formulas.

Actually, I don’t want to apply the formulas in Excel; I want to do it in Python.

And what if we save the new dataframe in “Sheet2”, then it is possible?